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Castle & Key Restoration Rye Single Barrel

Vendor Castle & Key
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The site of our distillery is rich with Kentucky history. Here on the medieval-style grounds, dating back to 1887, whiskey was once made under the watchful eye of Colonel E.H. Taylor. Decades later, after his passing, the distillery itself fell into disrepair and sat abandoned for half a century. And that, we thought, would not do. When we started Castle & Key, our dream was to build on Colonel Taylor’s fine foundation. Our single barrel rye is perhaps the purest fruit of that ambition: each bottle derived from one barrel, never blended, the full breadth of a whiskey’s journey from grain to glass enclosed in a singular product. Were Colonel Taylor around today, this is the dram we’d pour for him to let him know his Castle is in good hands. Restoration Single Barrel Straight Rye Whiskey is bottled at 110 proof | 55% ALC/VOL