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Bellaire & Day Scotch Purim Edition 2022

Bellaire & Day Scotch Purim Edition 2022

Bellaire & Day Whisky Co

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The Purim story commemorates not only the victory against Hamas, and the enemy who wanted to destroy the Jewish Nation, but also how G-D saved the Jewish people in a hidden fashion. The concept of Hester Panim means “The hiding of the face” and refers to G-D’s presence being hidden from human perception. The story of Purim reminds us that G-D is always involved even when it is not outwardly apparent.

Bellaire & Day is proud to bring you this Limited Edition, 13-year-old secret Speyside. Of course, it’s a secret distillery, but don’t let that distract you; you will taste the hidden workings of G-D - It’s that good! A Freilichim Purim!

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