R.M. Rose Forefather’s Bottled in Bond Bourbon

R.M. Rose Forefather’s Bottled in Bond Bourbon

Randolph Rose Distilling Co.

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Forefather Whiskey was created in 1907 at the RM Rose Distillery in Gilmore, Georgia (Cobb County). They had four warehouses completely stocked with whiskey. Georgia went dry in 1908 forcing Randolph Rose to move all his operations and whiskey to Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Jacksonville, Florida. Randolph leased eleven train cars from the Western Atlantic Railroad to transport the whiskey 137 miles to Chattanooga. The whiskey was distributed from Florida to New York.

Yes, we added the “s” to the end of the Forefather name. Rufus Rose and Randolph Rose honored their Forefather and now we honor Rufus and Randolph by adding the “s”.

This is how we make it today: We use the finest grains, distill in a Copper Pot Still, age in an Oak Cask for a minimum of four years, and proof to 100.

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