R. Jelinek Bohemia Honey

R. Jelinek Bohemia Honey

Rudolf Jelinek

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This liqueur combines the flavour of genuine three-year-old slivovitz and the beneficial effects of lime tree honey. It has a natural honey aroma with a light fruity undertone and a lingering hint of dried plums, caramel, and lime blossom.

Its basis is classic slivovitz made through the triple distillation of ripe plum mash. Then the distillate is mixed with genuine lime tree honey. The long-term maceration of honey gives it its gold colour, delicate flavour, and honey aroma. The stability of the spirit is guaranteed due to the modern technological process in combination with the traditional craftsmanship of the Vizovice’s distillers. Then it is stored in tanks and allowed to age, harmonising the flavour and aroma and rounding out the spirit.

HONEY combines slivovitz – the heart and soul of Wallachia, its traditions, and its connection to nature – with a taste of lime tree honey, considered by beekeepers to be the highest quality and proven to have beneficial effects on the human body.

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