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Old Elk Master’s Blend Four Grain Bourbon

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The Old Elk Master Blend Series is comprised of limited-release whiskies developed by our Master Distiller Greg Metze. In creating the Master Blend Series, Greg calls upon his 40+ years of experience producing world-class spirits On a global scale to create timeless whiskey blends that are innovative, tantalizing, and possibly even thought-provoking. In this expression, our Old Elk Four Grain release, Greg elevates the best attributes of the four most traditional whiskey distilling grains while preserving a foundation of corn to stay true to the heritage of our straight bourbon whiskies used in this blend.

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Duy Le
Amazing bottle with discounted price

Nose: The first whiff reveals remarkably crisp, salty caramel popcorn aromas, immediately drawing you in. As alluring funky and malty rick house scents emerge, the oak shows its ideal maturity, rounded out but not overbearing. An unexpected savory tone appears - the caramel cornbread is now infused with a light dash of salt, bordering on the flavor of popped corn kernels fresh from the farm. Subtle hints of barbecue sauce integrate playfully.

As the bourbon sits, the high malt component overtakes the nose with great intensity. Rich chocolate and dark malt dominate, nearly stealing the show if not for intermittent peeks of the teasing caramel corn. Surprisingly absent though is the recognizable banana from this high malt mashbill, allowing the malt and oak to remain at center stage. Later on, a spike of cinnamon and wildflowers appears before the long-lasting finale of pure milk chocolate and charred oak.

Palate: The first taste is an intense rush of dark cocoa and ripe banana foster, immediately confirming that iconic high malt banana essence. Toasted vanilla creeps in slowly to complement the sweetness. Each additional sip bolsters the prominence of the corn, bordering on overpowering as the viscosity turns silky. The finish is steadily tingling, suggesting bold alcohol presence.

Further sipping elicits indulgent flavors of crème brûlée, warm banana bread and sparks of baking spices across the palate. The mouthfeel transforms into a gentle wave, imparting the essence of a classic banana split without overwhelming richness. There may not be tremendous depth at play, but the concentration and precision of flavors are highly admirable - in simpler terms, it’s a masterful banana split poured over a base of freshly popped caramel corn!

The finale brings a surprise as the vanilla amps up dramatically, adding creamy nuance. Zesty candied banana chips join the fray before giving way to nuttiness reminiscent of Little Debbie treats. It’s a desserty denouement to an engaging overall experience.