Lost Lantern Dad’s Hat Pennsylvania Straight Rye

Lost Lantern Dad’s Hat Pennsylvania Straight Rye

Lost Lantern

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An American independent bottler, Lost Lantern sources rare and special whiskies from distillers across states. We shine a light on these discoveries through our unique blends and our meticulously curated lineup of single casks.

Dad’s Hat Pennsylvania Straight Rye Whiskey

Lost Lantern hand-selected this cask from Mountain Laurel Spirits, which has revived Pennsylvania’s historic distilling tradition. The State’s whiskey history dates to the colonial era, but by the 1990s Pennsylvania rye whiskey had disappeared completely. Dad’s hat has brought it back to life, driven by a deep commitment to the State’s history, farmers, and culture.

This straight rye whiskey, our first from Dad’s Hat, was made from a mashbill of 80% rye, 15% malted barley, and 5% malted rye and aged in a 53-gallon barrel for 5 years, It is fresh and grassy, with spearmint on the nose, and candied orange, chocolates, and clove on the palate.

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