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Kavalan Solist French Wine Cask

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Solist French Wine Cask is aged in an exclusive red wine cask from a superb French winery with a rich composition of subtropical fruits, cocoa, and tannins. The mastery of this fine dram lies in its rich layers of sweetness, well-balanced acidity, and sprinkle of mineral saltiness.


Colour: Plum compote

Nose: Begins with a concentrated mélange of pomegranate, soft honey, and deep tannins, complimented by the rich aromas of sweet melon, guava, and apple. Next, a backdrop of Tropical fruitiness, passion fruit, and soft peony-floral notes are overlaid by a powerful rush of luxurious dark chocolate, dried fruits, blackberry, black cherry and grape.

Palate: On the tongue, a captivating vanilla sweetness and subtle saltiness prime the taste buds for the chewy fig and luscious plum that push to the fore. These flavours give way to the mouth-drawing taste of fresh juicy grape and ripened melon. Long but fresh in the finish, perfectly balanced, with the taste of lingering melon syrup leaving you desirous of more.

Finish: The overall flavour is delicate and elegant, with an impressively strong finish.