Don Roberto Plata Tequila

Don Roberto Plata Tequila

Tequila Don Roberto

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In 1840, the Orendain family from Spain established the first Tequila factory in Jalisco. Having worked for his uncles, Don Roberto Orendain founded his own distillery in 1924 called Casa Don Roberto.In 1995, Don Roberto, Jr. and his two sons launched Tequila Don Roberto in homage to the art of good tequila. In parallel to that, Casa Don Roberto established La Purisima, the largest tequila factory in the world.Far beyond having almost 200 years of experience, Don Roberto Tequila owes its essence and characteristic flavor to the quality of the product and the process by which it is produced.On those special occasions when Don Roberto would share his tequila (his most prized creation) with family and friends, it was always served straight in order for guests to truly experience the quality of the tequila. He would ask that they first smell the aroma, then take a sip and let the tequila linger on their tongues in order to capture and savor its unique flavor before allowing it to glide down their throats. For many years, these wonderful tequilas were enjoyed by just a few, until now

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