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The Distinctly Australian Twist of Starward Negroni Whiskey Cocktail

The Distinctly Australian Twist of Starward Negroni Whiskey Cocktail
The Starward Negroni Whiskey Cocktail is a distinctly Australian twist on the traditional Italian aperitif. Crafted in Melbourne and batched at their distillery, this cocktail features the bold and fruit flavor profile of Starward whiskey, which is aged to perfection in Australian red wine barrels. Convenience is key with the Starward Negroni cocktail. It comes pre-mixed and ready-to-drink, aged in premium Australian wine barrels. No need for complicated recipes or bartending skills - simply enjoy straight from the bottle or over ice. It's the hassle-free way to savor a top-quality cocktail. When it comes to ingredients, Starward is committed to using only the finest. Their sweet vermouth and bitter orange liqueur are sourced from trusted local producers, ensuring the utmost quality in every bottle. Let's talk about the tasting notes. On the nose, you'll discover hints of Maraschino cherries, bright orange citrus, anise, and a herbal twist. The palate offers a delightful combination of juicy orange flesh, lemon rind, sour cherry, and cassia bark. As for the finish, it's long and drying, with notes of Jaffa chocolate and orange zest. To enjoy the Starward Negroni Whiskey Cocktail, simply serve it over ice with a garnish of orange peel. It's the perfect choice for pre-dinner drinks, especially when paired with antipasti. Undoubtedly, bringing this cocktail to the dinner table is a popular power move. If you're looking to elevate your cocktail experience with a taste of Australia, look no further. Buy Starward whiskey online and indulge in the unique flavors of the Starward Negroni Whiskey Cocktail. Cheers to an extraordinary drinking experience!