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Baby Jane Straight Bourbon 2024 Release

Baby Jane Straight Bourbon 2024 Release - Main Street Liquor

In the pursuit of intense and original flavors, our team set out to create a new generation of heirloom corn. The early growing years were curated by our team, with only the finest kernels selected for eventual growth in the fields. Years later, that corn – proprietary to Widow Jane - was harvested, driven to Red Hook and mashed, fermented & distilled, and placed into new, charred American oak barrels. The wait was a test of endurance, but the payoff? Exquisite. Because when you start with the finest raw materials, the result is extraordinary bourbon.

Baby Jane is a bourbon whiskey made from our own unique heirloom corn, “Baby Jane." This unique corn has depth, sweetness and creamy-spiciness that makes Baby Jane Bourbon truly different. Distilled by Widow Jane Distillery in Red Hook, Brooklyn and in Kentucky. True small batch bourbon; hand-assembled in Brooklyn, blended only a few barrels at a time. Non-chill filtered and proofed with our own mineral water from the legendary Rosendale mines of New York.



Aroma: Salty Air, Green Grape, Honeycomb, Cream Soda

Taste: Strawberries & Cream Taffy, Salted Caramel, Fresh Fig, Allspice, Cafe au Lait

Finish: Peach Compote, Star Anise, Cut Hay, Horchata, Soft Pretzel, Milk Chocolate